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Apple Getting Into The VR Market?

Apple (NASDAQ: APPL) fans that want a virtual reality headset will no longer have to suffice with just strapping a iPad to their face, as the company appears to be hiring for a proper push into the VR space.

According to a job posting first spotted by Mashable, Apple is in the process of hiring an App Engineer that will specialize in creating “high performance apps that integrate with Virtual Reality systems for prototyping and user testing.”

While Apple does have patents in its library for a VR headset, it does not appear that such a device is close to production yet. Apple’s supply chain is notoriously leaky, as the constant rumors and leaks on the iPhone 6 have shown, so if something was in production we would have known about it for quite some time. Historically speaking, Apple is not a fan of hardware partnerships so it’s unlikely that the company would be opening up iOS to compatibility with other vendor’s equipment.

It might be that Apple is simply exploring the issue and would like an experienced hand to help develop mockups to explore the potential feasibility of building such a device. The iWatch, after all, had a protracted development cycle with a release that’s still not confirmed. Expect the same for any VR device coming from Apple.