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Cougar Introduces the 600K Gaming Keyboard

Cougar 600K

The mechanical keyboard market got a little more crowded today with the addition of Cougar’s 600K mechanical gaming keyboard.

Aimed at the purists it shares the same lineage as the fully featured 700K, but strips away almost everything to deliver an essentially pure mechanical keyboard design.

Cougar’s newest mechanical keyboard has been designed for those who want the pure mechanical keyboard experience and strips away most of the fluffy features that are found on its flagship 700K model.

The board is outfitted with Cherry MX mechanical switches and should come in blue, brown, red, and black variants.  The features that did make it onto the 600K are a gold-plated USB connector, N-Key rollover, multimedia keys,  LED lighting on the WASD keys, and USB pass-through port.  The keyboard comes with two keyboard wrist rests, a full length and a 1/3 size that is used under the hand when using WASD keys for FPS games.  A nice feature that minimalists will appreciate is that the keyboard will not require any additional drivers to work and is straight plug and play.  There is no word on pricing or availability from Cougar but we expect that this should be a decent savings over the 700K due to the removal of many features.  The board looks like it will be a great choice for those who are wanting a standard mechanical keyboard without a lot of fluff, it should give other models in its price range a good fight.