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Destiny's New Crota's End Raid Beaten In Six Hours

Although Destiny‘s new The Dark Below DLC just released today, the raid has already been conquered.

Hardcore gaming team Invigorate Gaming originally made history when they became the first team of Guardians to beat Destiny‘s Vault of Glass Raid on hard. Now history repeats itself as they’ve become the first six-man squad to complete the new Crota’s End raid, and it only took them six hours to do it.

Bungie revealed the news earlier today in a Retweet that showed Invigorate Gaming member LtJohn adorned with a specific raid emblem, which can only be attained by beating the challenge itself.

Shortly after Bungie posted up a post-game carnage report that officially confirmed the team had indeed finished the raid in its entirety. The fireteam was made up of 3 Titans, 2 Hunters and 2 Warlocks, making it quite a diverse culmination of skills and gear.

Also it’s worth mentioning that one player had to drop out, so that’s why there’s seven players total.

Destiny raids have traditionally been cryptic puzzles that are peppered with mini-boss fights and one challenging end-level boss–Crota, in this case. The Guardians at Invigorate Gaming were able to decipher the enigmatic lanterns featured in The Dark Below‘s raid and ultimately duel the revered Hive god in a battle to the death.

The group totaled over 6,000 kills in their six-hour playthrough. and they picked up some snazzy raid gear in the process: a new Legendary ship entitled Light in the Abyss as well as a Fusion Rifle with the same name. For more The Dark Below DLC raid gear be sure to check out our past coverage here.

Below we’ve also included a sizable 400-minute+ playthrough guide for the new Crota’s End raid, should you be brave enough to venture into the hallowed shadows of the Moon and seek the Hive lord out.

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