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Fractal Releases A Trio Of Kelvin Liquid CPU Coolers

Fractal Kelvin T12

Fractal, a Swedish computer hardware company just released a new set of Kelvin liquid CPU coolers.

The new Kelvin design has many great features including an expandable loop design, a dedicated fill port, standard G 1/4″ fittings, and a high pressure pump.  The Kelvin liquid CPU coolers are available in 120mm, 240mm, and 360mm radiator versions.

If users want to even upgrade the fittings they can do that because of the usage of industry standard design.  This means that you can add into the loop a GPU block or another radiator, or even a combination.

Fractal has made sure that the pump is more than capable of handling the loop with the inclusion of a ceramic high pressure pump.  The block and pump combination has a fillport on the side for easily filling of the loop after it has been upgraded.  The mounting supports all modern CPU sockets making it easy to swap this loop to another system in the future.

The Kelvin has a full copper CPU waterblock with strategic jet improvements, and the radiator is also a full copper design.  The usage of both full copper block and radiator will help to lower the galvanic corrosion potential over time, as it can increase with using different metals in the same loop.  The Kelvin liquid CPU coolers will indeed be a good option when shopping around for closed loop systems, that are currently a majority of Asetek re-branded units.