Future of Tech in Content, Not Devices – imonomy CEO

The mobile industry has made leaps and bounds in growth and development in the recent years, with devices becoming more and more powerful, even as they are becoming increasingly smaller in size. Wearable technology, connected homes and vehicles, and the Internet-of-Things, are all the rage amongst technology companies that seek to have a more pervasive online presence in the lives of humans.

But there may be a downside to this. “I have seen some products that look useless in the long run,” says Oren Dror, co-founder and CEO at visual semantics startup imonomy. In an interview with Bright Side of News*, Dror shares that mobile users may not be too crazy with apps as per his company’s own research. “The majority sticks to a set of 8-15 they use weekly, and that’s it,” he adds. However, given that mobile has fast overtaken desktop as a means of getting online, imonomy is ready to connect publishers, advertisers and users through its visual platform, no matter which device or platform they are using.

Having received seed funding of $400,000 in mid-2013, the startup has since focused on developing its platform, expanding its team and signed major partners as part of its portfolio. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Dror says that the “fast-paced changes that happen in [the] country” requires startups to “step up our game and grow fast in order to build sustainable businesses in a short period of time.”

Read the full interview at VR World‘s sister site, Bright Side of News*.

Feature image credit: Responsive design / Shutterstock