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GTA V On Sale For $48, Dragon Age: Inquisition Is $40

UPDATE: Amazon has adjusted the prices of certain games on the list, so we’ve modified the prices to reflect the new listings.

Big online retailers like Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and eBay (NASDAQ: eBay) are slashing prices on some great games and hardware for the holidays, IGN reports.

Amazon has a huge offering of game sales that cut costs on some great games, including Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes for an absurdly low $10, Wolfenstein: The New Order for a steal at $15, Dragon Age: Inquisition at $40 and GTA V on Xbox One or PS4 for just $48.

Below we have a breakdown of the offers including Amazon’s big holiday game sale, listed from lowest to highest price:


PlayStation 4

Xbox One

Wii U

PlayStation 3

  • FIFA 15 $24.99 adjusted to $39.96

Xbox 360

Nintendo 3DS

PS4 Amazon free game redemption

On the hardware front, Amazon is offering a free game with every PlayStation 4 purchase, although the games are from a limited pre-selected group and are downloadable codes. The promo reads as follows: “buy a PlayStation 4, and receive a code redeemable for a free digital game download”. The deal expires on Jan. 3, 2015

The promotion honors your choice out of LittleBigPlanet 3, Destiny, NBA 2K15 and Far Cry 4, and Amazon affirms that the code will be sent by e-mail “upon completion of your shipment”.

Borderlands 2 PS Vita

You can also get $30 off on a Borderlands 2 PlayStation Vita bundle ($169.99) over at the ‘Zon, and 44% off on a PS Vita 16GB memory card ($33.33) to ensure your new Vita handheld has enough memory. 32GB and 64GB variants are also discounted by over 30%.

BestBuy has a sale on a Nintendo 3DS XL for just $149.99, available in blue, red and black flavors. This is only for the handheld itself and includes no games; the bundle isn’t discounted, sadly.

With this year’s Black Friday sales over and gone, we should see some more mark downs but it’s fair to say that most consumers have their Christmas and holiday shopping almost finished. You can never tell when sales will pop up, and it’s great to see that Dragon Age: Inquisition, one of the best games of the year, available for so cheap. Most of us who picked it up for $64 are “aww’ing”, but we’ve had our own headstart in the game.

Thanks, Gamespot.