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Tt eSports Ventus Gaming Mouse: Cool Down Your Hand




The packaging is a very nice full color box with an door that opens to reveal the mouse inside with some more marketing on the inner flap of the box.  This is the usual standard nice fare that we have come to expect from Tt eSports packaging.  The accessories that come with the mouse are two leaflets/manuals, two stickers, and a nice carrying case for the mouse.  The bag has proven to be a nice way to keep the cord and mouse organized when transporting my notebook and supplies in my backpack.


The mouse has a laser sensor that has four settings for custom DPI setting can be selected between 100 and 5700 DPI. The Polling rate is user selected between 125, 250, 500, and 100 MHz.  The acceleration of the mouse is also cusomtizable with the lift-off adjustment in the performance adjustment part of the accompanying app for the mouse. The back of the mouse is hollow with cut outs to allow for airflow to the palm and has a LED illuminated Tt eSports logo underneath.  The LED lighting in the palm, left click button, and scroll wheel are able to be independently controlled.  The app also has a “Battle” mode that flashes the backlighting according to the clicking frequency.  The mouse has a door on the bottom of the mouse that has three 4.5g removable weights.  The cord is very nice and is fully braided with a gold plated USB connector.


The software can be found on the product page for the Ventus, and it is the best place to get it, as it will be the most up to date version available.  The app will allow the user to set up macros and assign custom values for the buttons on the mouse.  The mouse has seven programmable keys, that can be edited with the app.  There is a very nice section for making the macros.  There can be up to five different profiles that can each be linked to a specific program or game, so that it will auto-load.  The backlighting and its settings can easily be configured to the user’s liking with the app as well. The user has up to four different selections for sensitivity settings that are users selected between 100 DPI and 5700 DPI.  The stock button that switches between them is the button right below the scroll wheel.