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Tt eSports Ventus Gaming Mouse: Cool Down Your Hand


Overall the Ventus took a while to get used to it as there is only one button on the left and right side.  Previously I had been using mice that had at least a forward and back button on the left side of the mouse to use with my right thumb.  While playing a bit of Tribes I managed to get used to if within a couple of hours.  It did take time to build the muscle memory to use the right side button as my forward button.  The mouse fit my hand very nicely since I have hands that are quite large and at times it has made it difficult to find a good fit with a mouse.  The vents did work as advertised and kept my palm dry and that made for moving my palm easier on the mouse pad as well.the feel is a satin finish and the buttons were very smooth plastic.  Both felt very nice in the hand while playing for a few hours at a time.  Tracking was precise and the switchable DPI came in handy when sniping or using a gun that didn’t need a lot of movement.  The polling and take-off adjustment also help to fine tune the mouse for combat.


Currently the Tt eSports Venus mouse is available at Best Buy for $39.99, which is a great deal.  The price point and the performance of the mouse has easily made this a  recommended buy and it has earned the Gold Award and the Editor’s Choice Award for its value.    Next time you are at Best Buy it is likely that you might be able to test out how the Ventus will feel in your hand.  For gaming mice lesss that $40 this is definitely a contender for the final buy and I myself have switched to this mouse on my gaming computer as well, as it is very comfortable and precise.