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Transform Your PSU Cabling With CableMod Premium Cables

CableMod E series - 9

CableMod is a brand new company that specializes in producing high-end sleeved cable kits for popular PSU brands and models.  It currently produces cable kits for popular Corsair, EVGA(G2,P2), and Seasonic power supplies that incorporate a fully modular design.

CableMod E series - 8


CableMod E series - 10

The custom cables are made with ModFlex sleeving, which is a premium cable sleeving that is much higher quality than standard sleeving.  ModFlex is made with ultra-fine fibers  with a very dense weave that are much softer than typical nylon sleeving, which makes it much more supple and able to route throughout the case much easier.  For years you likely have seen modders with custom builds that have had painstakingly modded PSU cables that have been individually sleeved.  In these cases the sleeving had been secured with heatshrink tubing, which is something that you won’t find on the CableMod cables.  The cables are completely heat shrink free, giving these cables a very clean look that modders will no doubt love.  The cable kits are available in many of the most popular colors and two color combinations.  The solid colors are black, red, blue, green, orange, and white.  The combo colors are black and red, black and blue, black and green, and black and orange.  It is nice to see this segment of the hardware industry finally filled since there has been a demand for such products for a long time now and CableMod will surely do well with being the first one on the scene.

There are three different cable series that CableMod makes, each for a different brands of fully modular power supplies.  The C-Series is made for Corsair with the compatible models being in the AXi, HXi, and RM series.  The E-Series is made for EVGA with the compatible models being G2 and P2 series.  Lastly the SE-Series is made for Seasonic power supplies in its XP2 and KM3 series.