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Tt eSports Challenger Prime Gaming Keyboard Reviewed

Tt eSports Challenger Prime - BSN-







Tt eSports Challenger Prime - BSN-

Tt eSports Challenger Prime - BSN--2

Tt eSports Challenger Prime - BSN--13


The box is a colorful cardboard box is of typical Tt eSports packaging quality, which is always very good with plenty of colorful marketing on the box highlighting the best features.  The keyboard also comes with a manual and a warranty policy leaflet.


Tt eSports Challenger Prime - BSN--3

The keyboard has a striking visual design and it definitely looks like it should be a gaming keyboard.  The keyboard features membrane switches which has a decently satisfying feel that is not too soft, and it does take a bit of pressure to actuate the switch. That means that the keys will not be easily actuated on accident when a user’s fingers are moving fast across the board. What looks like a volume knob in the center of the keyboard is actually the LED brightness control for the keyboard.  It would have been better if that knob was, in fact for the volume as it would make adjustment much easier than multiple button presses.  The macro buttons of the keyboard are easily managed via the app for keyboard’s macro manager.  There is a lot of functionality with the media keys on the keyboard as it will save a lot of time alt-tabbing to change volume or the song that is playing while in game.


The driver for the keyboard can be downloaded from the Tt eSport’s product page for the keyboard.  The software manages the macros for the macro keys on the left side of the board, via the macro manager.  The Polling Rate for the keyboard is adjustable as well with the options being 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.  The response time is also adjustable with selections of 1ms, 2ms, 4ms, and 8ms with the stock option being 8ms.  The software is also used to switch between blue, red, and purple led backlighting as well as brightness adjustment.  The backlight can also be set to “breathing” setting which is really just a slow pulsing of the backlight going from on to off.  One really awesome feature of this board is that all the regular keys (non-F-Key and media keys) can be reassigned via the software so you could set up your keys for optimal in-game use.