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Here's How To Download the Halo 5 Beta Right Now

Although the Halo 5: Guardians beta is scheduled to go live tomorrow, Xbox One gamers are already able to start download process in preparation of the big event.

To get your installation underway just fire up the Halo: Master Chief Collection, navigate to the Extras section on the Main Menu, and select the Halo 5 Beta section. Since the beta download clocks in at 10.26 GB of data, it’s a good idea to let your console sit for a bit.

Just don’t get too excited when the download finishes, as 343 isn’t starting up the servers until tomorrow morning.

Remember to watch 343i’s live action Halo: Nightfall series to get in-game extras for the beta, including an exclusive armor set straight from the series.

If the episodes don’t grab your fancy, you can always fast-forward through and collect your unlockables. But you should watch them, and also check out the second stories, which add some very real depth to the franchise and give you key insights on Agent Locke’s character.

Halo 5 Beta

If you can’t watch Nightfall be sure to redeem the code included in the Master Chief Collection. If you’re digital, try backing out of the game a few times, resetting your console, or checking your e-mail inbox; chances are Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) e-mailed you a code.

Some gamers are also reporting that they’ve had to “force quit” out of the Master Chief Collection in order for the beta pane to pop up. Basically you’ll want to hit the Xbox button to return to the main console screen, hit the Guide button, and select quit.

Halo 5 Beta download

A bit ago, Halo 5‘s Studio Head Josh Holmes informed eager Spartans that they’d be able to pre-download the beta to ensure smooth entry when the servers went live around 9AM PST on December 29.

If you weren’t able to get into the limited preview alpha reserved for Xbox Preview members, there are a few things you can do to prep for the beta. Be sure to become familiar with Halo 5‘s new Spartan abilities, and check out some gameplay footage to get the flow of battle.

Overall the beta looks like it incorporates a new arena-based style for competitive multiplayer, and coupled with the new abilities like Smart Scope, Sprint and Thrust, combat should be quite dynamic and interesting.

For in-depth discussions and questions, drop by the Halo Reddit, as you’ll likely meet a bunch of new like-minded players who are just as excited as you are to play the beta.

The Halo 5: Guardians beta kicks off tomorrow, Dec. 29 at 9AM PST and will last until Jan. 18, 2015.