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CES 2015: Mad Catz Lynx 9 Is A $300 Modular Controller For PC And Android

Mad Catz is not one for launching conventional products, and the accessory maker is sticking to its roots with the Lynx 9 – a modular controller that works with Bluetooth-enabled devices (PCs as well as Android devices). While the design of the Lynx 9 is certainly unique, it is the price that will be the major talking point: at $300, the controller costs 75% of an Xbox One console.

What features do you get for that kind of money, you ask? The Lynx 9 first and foremost is a Bluetooth-enabled controller, which means that you can pair it with your Android phone or tablet and use it to play games. There’s a dock at the top to house your phone, and since the controller is modular, the left and right halves come apart to accommodate a tablet up to seven inches in size. The controller can be broken down into three pieces, and can be folded to half its normal size for easy storage.

There’s also a QWERTY keyboard, and the Lynx 9 comes with Mad Catz PlayBig cables that allow you to connect your phone or tablet to your TV. Mad Catz claims on the product page that a single charge will give 30 hours of playing time, and for users getting started with the controller, there’s a handy companion app that offers tutorials and guides on how to adjust settings and profiles.

The Lynx 9 controller is available to pre-order from here for $300, with black, white and red color variants on offer. The controller will be retailing in March.