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Take a Tour of the Thermaltake suite at CES 2015

This year Thermaltake showed off a brand new upcoming Cherry MX RGB mechanical keyboard that is just beautiful and has a great feel when typing, as this is what the Cherry MX switches are known for.

Also on display was the brand fully modular Core X1, Core X2, and Core X9 computer cases which not only provide plenty of room for the user’s imagination to run wild with customizing options.  The cases also stack and provide even more area for some really awesome options like mounting truely immense water cooling radiators inside.  Also on display was the new Tt eSports Theron Plus smart mouse that features Bluetooth connectivity so that it can link to a mobile device and log mouse usage and statistics.

Thermaltake Suite CES 2015-2

Tt eSports Theron Plus smart mouse

Thermaltake Suite CES 2015

Ipad running TteSports+ application for data logging of the Therons Plus smart mouse

Thermaltake Suite CES 2015-32

Thermaltake Suite CES 2015-3


Thermaltake Suite CES 2015-4


Thermaltake Suite CES 2015-25


Thermaltake Suite CES 2015-33

Software for an upcoming mechanical Poseidon Z keyboard that features a touch sensitive space bar that can even be programed with macros.