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Take A Look At The Corsair Suite at CES 2015

Corsair had on display a lot of the usual stuff that we are all already familiar with, but it did have some new additions.

It will be selling a new DDR4 3400 kit that is a limited release via its web store, as it has done with a lot of other limited run high bin RAM sets before.  There was a Carbide 100R Silent case that looks great for those who are needing a quiet case and want to spend their money wisely, as for the features the price of $59 is a really good one.  There was also the new H110i GT liquid cooler for a CPU and a HG10 N780 Edition GPU cooling bracket in display systems showing off just how good the cooling performance was.  The HG10 looks like an ideal situation for the Nvidia GTX 770, 780, 780 Ti, Titan, and Titan Black owners who want a way to cool their cards more efficiently.

Stay tuned as we will have more on what we think about what we saw at Corsair in the coming days.

Corsair Suite CES 2015

Corsair Suite CES 2015-4

Corsair Suite CES 2015-3

Corsair Suite CES 2015-2

THe Carbide 100R Silent mid-tower PC chassis looks to be a real winner at the $59 price point given by Corsair