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Destiny: Gear List Leaked For New House Of Wolves Expansion

Warning: Here there be spoilers!

Thanks to recent leaks, Destiny‘s new House of Wolves expansion has been fully unearthed for all to see, revealing a complete list of gear, activities and additions that will be included in the game’s next DLC add-on.

The wealth of new info comes straight from the dedicated data-miners over at DestinyDBDestiny Tracker, and Destiny Planet, a collective of sites who have been busy digging through the game’s embedded files.

This is made possible due to the fact that both of the expansions are included with every retail copy of the game–your purchases are simply unlocking access to the content, but the files themselves are there.

Thanks to the supremely patient efforts of one MattWGordon, who created this amazing chart that meticulously catalogs the data-mined treasures, Guardians all over the galaxy now have an early look at the goods included in House of Wolves.

Destiny HoW Leak Activities 1

These new leaked reports are right off the heels of yet another more substantial leak, which may have revealed Destiny‘s entire DLC structure altogether.

According to last week’s leaks, every Destiny game will be accompanied by two “expansions” (The Dark Below and House of Wolves for Destiny 1) and will be finished off with a massive content DLC called a “Comet“. Comets are like two expansions put together, featuring a slew of additional content and items, making it a sort-of mega expansion.

Destiny High Res Image

The leak saw the possible reveal of the game’s first Comet, which appears to be entitled Plague of Darkness, and features a wealth of additional updates and content.

In any case, the new leak details everything that House of Wolves has to offer, including new Raid armor sets (Wolf Walker for Titans, Archon for Warlocks, and Kell gear for Hunters) along with nine new Raid weapons–four of which are elemental primaries.

House of Wolves‘ new Raid is entitled “The Arena”, and players will return to The Reef to no-doubt have another audience with the Queen–this time it should end in bloodshed and chaos. On Normal difficulty the new Raid will sport level 32 enemies, and on Hard the baddies will be boosted up to level 35.

Destiny HoW Leak Activities 2

Below we have a quick breakdown of what Destiny‘s upcoming House of Wolves expansion will contain, according to the leak:

  • 3 new story missions
  • 1 new Traitor’s Ketch Strike
  • New Lvl. 28 Vanguard Dragon Strike Playlist
  • “The Arena” Raid
  • 4 new PVP Maps
  • 5 new PVP game variants
  • 9 new Exotic armor pieces
  • 2 new Exotic weapons
  • 3 full sets of new Raid armor (Wolf Walker, Kell and Archon)
  • 9 new Raid guns
  • 37 new Legendary Ships
  • 13 new class-specific purchasable Legendary armor pieces
  • 3 new banks: Ship Collection, Shader Collection, and Special Emblem Collection

This info falls right in line with the previous leaks regarding the expansion, and we may very well see more details emerge as data-miners wear down their pickaxes and hone their skills.

After the break we have a bunch of pictures that detail all of the new additions, showcasing the new items and giving brief run-downs of the new activities included in the House of Wolves expansion.

House of Wolves is reported to release on March 10, 2015 for $19.99 across PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Destiny HoW Leak Raid Gear Hunter

Destiny HoW Leak Raid Gear Warlock

Destiny HoW Leak Raid Gear Titan

Destiny HoW Leak Exotic Armors

Destiny HoW Leak Exotic Weapons

Destiny HoW Leak Crucible Maps

Destiny HoW Leak Crucible Gametypes

Destiny HoW Leak Hunter Vendor Armor

Destiny HoW Leak Warlock Vendor Armor

Destiny HoW Leak Titan Vendor Armor

Destiny HoW Leak Ships 1

Destiny HoW leak Ships 2