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Supercomputing Frontiers Singapore 2015 Kicks Off March 17

Singapore will play host to the Supercomputing Frontiers Conference, set to take place March 17-20.


The conference themes include the following:

  • Supercomputing applications in domains of critical impact in economic and human terms, and especially those requiring computing resources approaching Exascale;
  • Big data science merging with supercomputing with associated issues of I/O, high bandwidth networking, storage, workflows and real time processing;
  • Architectural complexity of Exascale systems with special focus on supercomputing interconnects, interconnect topologies and routing, and interplay of interconnect topologies with algorithmic communication patterns for both numerically intensive computations and big data; and
  • Any other topic that push the boundaries of supercomputing to exascale and beyond

The event is sponsored by Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore. VR World is an official media partner for the event.

Supercomputing Frontiers is expected to be the largest event of its kind organised in South East Asia, and the completely focused main session without vendor marketing presence adds to the technical and strategic value of the conference. The attendees and speakers hail from both the US, Europe and all major players in Asia-Pacific. Vendors will be present on the side of the main agenda through workshops and exhibition space.

Registration is now open, and attendees can register here. A call for papers for the conference can be accessed as well.