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Prepare to Surf the VR Web With Firefox

Mozilla has brought users one step closer to experiencing the virtual web by including WebVR — an API for browsers specifically designed for VR content — into the latest nightly and developer builds of the browser.

WebVR is currently compatible with the Oculus VR, Gear VR, as well as Google Cardboard. Future headset compatibility is planned as the API matures.

Though WebVR is far from mainstream, and only a handful of applications exist for it, its creators hope one day users would be able to peer into a virtual world offered by some web pages. For example, a car manufacturer would be able to give potential buyers a VR tour of a vehicle allowing users to view it from all angles before making a decision.

However, WebVR isn’t yet in the “mainstream” builds of Firefox. That will have to wait until the API is more mature.

We’re still making rapid improvements and changes to both the VR interfaces and the necessary platform support pieces. Once WebVR is more complete, we’ll discuss shipping plans to our Beta and Release builds,” Mozilla wrote in a blog post.

For the time being Mozilla has launched MozVR, a website dedicated to giving users examples of the potential of VR on the web.