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Starr Mazer is Closing in on its Kickstarter Goal

The Kickstarter campaign for the retro 16-bit inspired Point and Click Adventure Shoot’Em Up hybrid Starr Mazer has hit off with great success.

With nearly $150,000 pledged and three more days to reach the goal of $160,000 needed to fund it, Starr Mazer is on its way to our galaxy.


Several famous names from the music industry have joined this project such as Manami Matsumae, a Japanese video game composer praised for the first Mega Man soundtrack. Originally a part of Capcom she later went freelance returning later to the Mega Man series as a guest and is now contributing her skills to various indie game projects.

Vince DiCola, man immortalized by Transformers fans due to his work on The Transformers: The Movie soundtrack from 1986, is another legend joining the team. This cult soundtrack was followed by several Transformers themed music albums. He is also known for his solo work, such as the Rocky IV soundtrack, Dare to be Stupid by Wierd Al Yankovic and more.

These are followed by Vince DiCola’s co-composer Kenny Meriedeth, freelance composer Jake Kaufman and a veteran of Famicom era Keiji Yamagishi.

Reaching the goal of $160,000 will allow Imagos Softworks to start working on their vision of an awesome retro sci-fi tribute game. A combination of the classic Point and Click Adventure gameplay, and old school space ship Shoot’Em Up arcade , promises to bring the ultimate space opera experience to the player.


Some of the major features that will help with this plan are the Open-Middled Gameplay (OMG!) Gameplay, dynamic Shoot em’ up (SHUMP) sequences and the never ending story. An entire playthrough of the game will be like a season of a show, but each episode within could appear in almost any order.

The game will keep track of and react to every choice the player makes , from the way he started the adventure to the way he finished it. SHMUPs are known for their carefully crafted sequences that encourage the players to perfect their maneuvers and will be generated from a vast collection of hand crafted encounters that can be modified dynamically in difficulty and scale, in addition to being layered on top of other encounters. Thanks to these mehanics each new gameplay will be a completely new and random experience offering endless replay value.

Starr Mazer will participate in several video game crossovers with other titles like Shovel Knight, Hyper Light Drifter, Crossing Souls, Galak-Z, Paradise Lost, Aegis Defender and Orion Trail.

As a special treat for the fans Raheem Jarbo, Mega Ran or Random, a Chiptunes DJ, record producer, special school teacher and a nerdcore rapper is confirmed to appear as an NPC in the game.

To count down the last day of the campaign, starting on Friday Starr Mazer ‘s Twitch Channel will have a live 24 hour broadcast featuring special guests, music, games and more.