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Happy Pet Story Releases on iOS and Android

Happy Labs, folks that make games that anyone can play for free and enjoy them regardless of  how old they are, have released their pet and home simulation game Happy Pet Story.

This casual fun for all ages, family game is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. As with all Happy Labs games Happy Pet Story offers an easy to play, free access game with no crazy paywalls.

Over 200 pet customization options allow the player to create their pet any way they want to. Along with these options in shops there are more than 200 appearels and headgear that can be used to dress up and add more bling to one’s pet. Every three hours the shops reset and offer different things and there is also an option to visit other players’s shops.



Homes can also be customized with a selection of more than 300 pieces of furniture and decorations.

In Happy Pet Story players can play dress up with their virtual pets, decorate their houses and play mini games. There are hundreds of collectable items, cute outfits and fashion accessories that make raising one’s virtual pet more enjoyable.

Unique town features are unlocked by completing the mayor’s quests Mojo while playing mini-games awards coins. Players can also participate in mini games and complete quests for their friendly neighbours. Going fishing, playing Rock Paper Scissors, joining in the balloon popping frenzy, tapping along to music rhythms and more. To visit their friends players just need to hop on the town bus and once there they can buy limited edition items. Town cafe offers the chance to meet and interact with people from all over the world. Completion of friendly neighbors’ requests can award some great rewards.


Game is totally free to download as are the updates that follow. Simple, intuitive and easy gameplay combined with a unique art style and a vibrant, immersive, charming and cute world offers hours of great fun. Along with the multiplayer mode that enables friendly visitations and a ranking system there is also an offline mode available. Happy Pet Story, a free game that guarantees hours of fun for all genders and ages is available in English, Bahasa Indonesia and optimized for iOS 8.0, iPhone 6/ 6+, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2.

Happy Pet Story can be downloaded from iTunes App Store and Google Play while additional information on the game can be found on its official website, Facebook and Twitter.