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Trials Fusion DLC Fault One Zero Races Through

Ubisoft, a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment announced theFault One Zero DLC for Trials Fusion.

This futuristic platform racing game is developed by RedLynx in collaboration with Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Kiev. It is a fifth game in the Trials Series and a follow-up to Trials Evolution. Available on Xbox One and Xbox 360, PC and soon PlayStation 4 it adds 10 new tracks, 24 challenges, five trophies and new stuff for track editor.


Trials Fusion pushes the player into action as he races all over the futuristic city of Megalopolis. As a Mortal Kombat reject lookalike cyborg he rushes through the classic sci fi elements like arcade areas, factories, crazy labs and cityscapes that came straight out of Tron. The story takes place in the year 2042 after an unknown object fell from the sky changing the world and the creation of the Anomaly AI. This AI has spawned descendants SynDI and George, body less voices heard in the head of the protagonist Rider.

The game’s online multiplayer free update that came earlier this month, which was a huge success with player races numbering 2.5 million and more than 500,000 km traveled. This was recently further expanded by adding single player tracks to online multiplayer, improving the online experience. In these challenges eight players compete against each other in a single lane. Challenge level of the race can be increased by modifying track gravity, speed and control.


Since its launch Trials Fusion is recieving constant updates that add new features, more stuff to download and items for the track editor. Offering unlimited amount of obstacles and challenges this game has sold over 1.7 milion copies. It boasts intuitive and addictive physics gameplay, multiplayer, skill games, track editor and sharing, leader boards and global competition.

With a first-in-class physics trick system, next-gen social features Trials Fusion forges ahead of the game.

The Season Pass for Trials Fusion can be bought for £15.99. Those that decide to participate in this offer will immediatly get access to Fault One Zero and four DLCs that came before it. Basic game version is available for £3.99.