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New GTA V PC Screens Take The Sting Off Of Recent Delay

Rockstar Games has released a fresh batch of new GTA V PC screens to make up for the game being delayed (again), but these high-fidelity captures really do soothe our wounds.

GTA V was originally scheduled to launch in March on PC, but Rockstar delayed it to April to ensure enough time to unroll last-minute polishes and fixes across Los Santos. Plus they wanted make sure GTA Online‘s long-awaited Heists gametype was up and running before the PC port’s launch.

GTAV PC screens 15

The new dazzling screenshots give players a closer look at the “detail and refinements that PC players can expect” in Grand Theft Auto V, and based on this gallery alone this port looks to be the definitive version.

Not to mention the PC flavor gets sweet, sweet mod support and more powerful hardware to boost overall performance. But there’s one thing that console gamers have that PC players don’t: the actual game.

GTAV PC screens 3

Also Rockstar is giving out an extra R$300,000 in GTA Online to gamers who pre-order the PC version from now until March 31–that’s ontop of the R$1,200,000 you get by default for just pre-ordering. So if you pre-order by the end of March, you get a whopping R$1.5 million in GTA Online currency.

The studio says it’ll be unloading a bunch of new screenshots and a brand new trailer in the next coming weeks, so keep on the look out.

GTA V on PC is slated to release on April 14, 2015. Hopefully this date’s for keeps.