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Nvidia’s Titan X Is The Most Powerful GPU In The World

GeForce GTX 880 GeForce GTX 880

During Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 session at the Game Developers Conference, Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced the vendor’s latest GPU in the Titan family, the Titan X. Huang hasn’t shared hardware details of the card, but what we do know is that the GPU will feature 12GB VRAM, twice as high as what was seen on the first-generation Titan.

Also revealed was the transistor count, which sees an increase from 7 billion to 8 billion. The memory bus interface is at 384-bit, the same as the earlier iterations in the Titan series. TDP figures were not mentioned as well, although considering that the card is based on the Maxwell architecture, it is likely we’ll see significant improvements in power draw. Nvidia is retaining the metal cooler and shroud, with the manufacturing process of the card also set to remain at 28nm.

The idea behind unveiling the Titan X during GDC was to highlight the graphic capabilities of the card, which was used to drive Weta Digital’s (the studio behind The Hobbit films) “Thief in the Shadows” VR demo running on Oculus’ VR headset.  Nvidia will reveal all the features on offer with the Titan X at its GPU Technology Conference, which is being held later this month in San Jose.