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Pre-orders For The Apple Watch Start In April, Prices Start At $349

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has announced several new features for its upcoming smartwatch, the Apple Watch, during the manufacturer’s Spring forward event.

Tim Cook called the smartwatch “the most advanced timepiece ever created,” detailing how the device is a “comprehensive health and fitness companion.” The smartwatch is accurate within 50ms of the Universal Time Standard, and comes with many different watch faces and offers users the ability to customize watch faces.

Apple showcased a Glances feature that is accessible by swiping out from the bottom of the watch face. Glances allows users the ability to check heart rate, weather and other information that can be customized. With the built-in speaker and microphone, you can answer calls through the watch directly.

Apple Pay integration was also mentioned, as well as interaction with Siri, and the ability to receive notifications from iPhones on the watch.

Boarding Pass

Given that the Apple Watch SDK has been available to developers for months, app functionality was also highlighted. For instance, Apple Watch can be used as a digital boarding pass, and can be used to book a cab directly through services such as Uber.

If you’re traveling, hotel information — such as confirmations as well as room numbers — are available directly from the watch. You even have the ability to bypass a hotel’s front desk entirely by using the watch to unlock your room. There will be a dedicated section on the iTunes Store that will allow you to browse apps tailored for Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch comes with a new magnetic connector that automatically clicks into place upon brining the watch in the vicinity of the connector. The watch itself has a battery life that is touted to last 18 hours on a single charge.

There are all-new ways of communication, with the side button coming with the ability to connect your Apple Watch with another Apple Watch through a feature called Digital Touch.

In terms of fitness tracking, the Apple Watch tracks your daily movements and comes with a reminder feature that lets you know if you’ve been idle for too long. There are also weekly statistics that highlight your activity, and based on the amount of exercise you’ve received, the following week’s schedule is set.

Apple Watch Sport edition features anodized aluminum, with prices starting at $349 for the 38mm model and $399 for the 42mm variant. The stainless steel model comes in 38mm and 42mm, will cost $549 and goes up to $1,049 based on the band.

Apple Watch edition — with 18-carat gold cases — comes with custom designed bands that are also made of solid gold. The Apple Watch edition will be sole in limited quantities, and will be priced starting from $10,000. Pre-orders begin April 10, with the devices available at retail locations for customers interested in viewing the watches on display.