Xiaomi Mi Pad Review: Great Hardware Letdown By Software

Cameras and battery life

The Mi Pad comes with an 8MP camera at the back and a 5MP shooter at the front. While most users will not resort to taking pictures from their tablet, the sensor at the back is decent enough when you look at what’s available on tablets. Lack of flash prohibits any low-light shooting, but if you’re looking to take photos in bright conditions, the camera at the back is up to the task. The front shooter excels when it comes to video calls, and for those inclined to do so, taking selfies.

The Mi Pad’s 6,700mAh battery is claimed to offer eleven hours of screen-on time on a single charge. One of the reasons Nvidia was not able to secure many hardware wins with the Tegra CPUs was the high power drain, but the Mi Pad does not face any such issues as we were consistently able to get over twelve hours of screen-on time.