Xiaomi Mi Pad Review: Great Hardware Letdown By Software


Although there are several Android tablets available, there is a considerable dearth in choice when you’re looking to buy a device in the 8-inch segment. There’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4, Nvidia Shield Tablet and HTC’s Nexus 9, which at 8.9 inches is slightly too large to hold one-handed with ease. The Mi Pad wins in this regard, as the tablet at 360g is highly portable and lightweight enough that you don’t notice the heft when you’re holding it for extended durations of time.

The Mi Pad is a great tablet for the price it is being offered at, and continues to highlight the Chinese vendor’s ability to offer such incredible hardware in the mid-tier segment. Lack of cellular connectivity could be a dealbreaker for some, and the software is not yet near the same level of polish as what you get on Xiaomi’s phones, but other than that, the Mi Pad is an ideal device for watching movies, reading books and gaming on the go.

It may not come as close to the iPad Mini in terms of design and overall refinement, but considering that the tablet is available for half of what the iPad Mini retails for, the tradeoff is not that significant as you get the same screen size and resolution. The Nvidia Shield Tablet offers a similar set of features at a slightly higher price, but you do get a stylus, game controller and a stock version of Android that receives updates as soon as they become available.