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GTA V on PC Advanced Graphics Settings Unveiled

Rockstar Games offers a brief look at the impressive array of graphical options and settings included on Grand Theft Auto V‘s PC version.

Thanks to the platform’s raw power and functionality, GTA V on PC is largely seen as the definitive flavor, featuring a huge range of visual and performance upgrades that soar past consoles.

Today Rockstar delivered a brief Tweet that shows off some of the exclusive higher end options that PC users will get to play with to test the mettle of their rigs.

GTA V Graphics 2

One of these settings lets you play a god of sorts, giving players direct control the visual fidelity of Los Santos’ environments and population. The graphics tab includes slider bars for population density in any given area–that is to say how many NPC’s are on-screen–as well population variety, ensuring seldom repeated characters.

Other visual options include your basic textures and shadow quality presets, along with tampering with the pristine sheen on reflective surfaces like water and glass, water quality (which is pretty important when you’re boating or jet-skiing across the waves on Vespucci Beach).

GTA V graphics

You’ll be able to adjust “high detail streaming” while doing barrel rolls and soaring the skies, which might have something to do with the streamers left by the planes in the air. Other advanced options include high-resolution shadows and extended shadow and distance scaling.

The advanced graphics tab even has a benchmark tester, just in case you need to gauge how good your hardware is while in-game.

Below is a full list of GTA V on PC’s graphical settings (thanks, PC Gamer):

Graphics Tab

  • Video memory slider: shows you how much video memory is being used in MB
  • DirectX Version Output monitor: 1-3
  • Anti-aliasing: FXAA, MSAA and Nvidia TXAA supported
  • Pause game on focus loss
  • Texture quality: Normal – Very High
  • Shader quality: Normal – Very High
  • Shadow quality: Normal – Very High
  • Reflection quality: Normal – Very High
  • Reflection MSAA
  • Water quality: Normal – Very High
  • Particles quality: Normal – Very High
  • Grass quality: Normal – Very High
  • Soft shadows options: softer, softest, AMD CHS, Nvidia PCSS
  • Post FX options: Normal – Ultra
  • Motion blur strength
  • In-game depth of field effects
  • Anisotropic filtering: Up to x16
  • Ambient occlusion Options
  • Tesellation Options

Advanced Graphics Tab

  • Long shadows: On/Off
  • High resolution shadows: On/Off
  • High detail streaming while flying: On/Off
  • Extended distance scaling bar
  • Extended shadow distance bar
  • Benchmark testing

GTA V Mouse Custom

As far as controls, it looks like Rockstar might have ensured the game can be comfortably played with a keyboard and mouse as well as a gamepad.

Players can customize their keyboard and mouse combinations with specific key-bindings and map their own control schemes, and adjust various sensitivities and auto-centering features across vehicles and on-foot.

Basically Rockstar gives PC gamers expansive control over the entirety of their experience in Los Santos, letting them tweak a vast assortment of options to ensure optimum performance.

Grand Theft Auto V‘s highly anticipated PC version launches just next week on April 14, 2015.