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Character Bug Preventing Some From Installing GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V launched for the PC Monday. Considering the track record of bugs in console to PC ports, GTA V had a relatively successful and bug-free launch. However, some users are reporting that the game crashes on installation if there are non-standard characters in your Windows username.

Characters supported in GTA V PC Windows username:


Rockstar has not given a timeline to when this bug will be fixed. The company has suggested that users work around the issue by creating a Windows account with a different username.For users with non-Western characters in their Windows username this will be a major inconvenience for them.

“If you do not want to wait for a fix, you need to create a new Administrator User Account for your Windows system that only includes letters A to Z, a to Z, or numbers 0-9 from the basic Roman alphabet,” Valve said in a statement. “Please note that simply renaming your current User Account not correct the issue.”

Both Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) and AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) have released optimized drivers for GTA V.

For users that want to abandon GTA V entirely post-bug (and this is the only major one thus far), Valve has made available a refund tool.