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Windows 10 on Xbox One Might Add “Thousands” of Apps

With the addition of the new Windows 10 OS, Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Xbox One will reportedly be armed with an expansive software library that could bring new functionality to the system.

According to reports from Pocket-Lint, the all-in-one system will receive access to “thousands” of new apps when it switches over to Windows 10.

A Microsoft representative said that the Xbox One will be able to tap the Microsoft Store and download a wide range of “compatible apps” on the marketplace.

Cross-buy will be supported for compatible apps, so if you buy an app on the Xbox One you’ll be able to download and use it across other platforms including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Since Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 on PC first, it might be a while yet before it’s available on Xbox One.

Xbox One Windows 10

Windows 10 will launch in phases, with each platform having its own planned release window.

During a special event at this year’s Build Developer’s Conference, industry analyst Paul Thurrot revealed that Windows 10 will have a segmented launch.

According to conversations that Thurrot had with Microsoft corporate vice president Joe Belfiore, every platform has its own separate launch schedule lined up for 2015.

“At a special event today, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 will launch over a period of time this year, with the PC version of the OS arriving first.

“Versions for phones, Internet of Things (IoT), Xbox One, HoloLens and other devices will arrive according to their own schedules later in 2015.”

Belfiore continues by saying Windows 10 will launch this summer for PC’s and 2-in-1 devices and larger tablets, keeping with Microsoft’s previous promise.

Windows 10 Mobile, on the other hand, will be hindered by red tape from wireless carriers and isn’t “as far along” as the PC version. As a result Thurrot projects a Fall 2015 release for the platform.

So what about the Xbox One’s schedule? No window or date has been finalized yet, but a Microsoft rep says Windows 10 isn’t expected to hit on Xbox One until “much later”.

Phil Spencer Xbox One Windows 10

Phil Spencer says that Windows 10 will only bring apps that “make sense” for the console to have.

Although the Xbox One might get access to new software on the universal Microsoft Store, Xbox exec Phil Spencer tells us to tamper our expectations. The exec affirms that certain types of applications won’t be coming to the console.

“We won’t see people using Excel on the Xbox, but Microsoft is making it easier to port experiences from PC over to Xbox where they make sense,” Spencer said during Microsoft’s Windows 10 reveal in January.

“We’ll treat gaming on Windows 10 with the same passion as we’ve put into the Xbox console.”

But what experiences “make sense” to port onto the Xbox One? Might we see cross-platform functionality, such as using a stylus to scribble onto a Windows 10-powered tablet and having it interact in some fashion with the Xbox One? Could we have external devices like tablets act as an off-screen Snap Mode menu, or even use smartphones for Kinect-like voice commands?

Microsoft has already has something called the Xbox One Wireless Display App, which essentially mirrors the screen of a tethered smartphone or tablet onto your TV via the console.

Xbox One Game Clips Windows 10

Windows 10 will bring an “Xbox App” to the PC that houses a user’s complete Xbox LIVE profile while allowing console-to-computer game streaming.

Windows 10 also adds its own form of Remote Play. Using the new OS users can stream Xbox One games right to their Windows 10-powered PC’s. The function has been described as a “killer app“, and previewers report the streams have “zero lag“.

Spencer also revealed that Xbox One Preview Program members will get first access to Windows 10 on Xbox One. The new DirectX 12 API will also be tested out by Preview Program users for a full month prior to its general release across the platform.

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  • Smail Buzzby

    If you can’t run Excel on the Xbone then it won’t really be running Win10…but some crippled version instead. Which is what MS said they wouldn’t do again.
    If you have a keyboard and a mouse and a monitor why couldn’t you run any Win10 apps on a Win10 device? You only have to port applications if they are running on different operating systems.
    It is so sad to watch MS completely fail time and time again.

    • Rrodd

      Hmmm another hate filled ps4 fanboy. Really difficult to tell ! Got em both-xbox one offers more. Better exclusives, better media, better future upgrades, better value subscriptions.

    • Rockartisten

      Wow. I’m. Wow. Ehm? Pfff. It IS the exact same platform, but what they are contemplating is how open the Store should be on the Xbox One.

      Xbox One will get Microsoft Edge, it runs without any changes to the code, but it will come at a later date when they have optimized it for a controller. They have also confirmed that you will be able to play web games with your controller just like on the PC. And the browser will support extensions and everything.

    • Ben A

      sorry Sony fails on software poor on PS4. SO funny that so many things on Xbox One that PS4 cant do
      Xbox One will soon get miracast beam PC desktop that can run desktop programs and even your Office Excel, phones (best with windows 10 phones contiuum, tablet, any device
      Xbox One will soon work with keyboard and mouse
      Xbox One will get access to 650,000+ apps through the store
      Xbox One will turn retail kits to dev kits
      Xbox One has the ablity to run productivity apps like Excel, its up to MS to push Office on Xbox One, dont be suprise, because ex CEO had a vision for Office on XB1.
      Xbox One will get the worlds powerful browser, Microsoft Edge with extensions and bunch of web apps and you can even do your Office Online there for Word, Powerpoint and even your favourite Excel!
      Xbox One have better first party exclusive.
      Xbox One will have software updates from Windows 10 service unlike Sony locked down software that barely get updated with PS4, like they did with PS3.
      Xbox One has powerful core since they run windows core that can transfer through smartglass, tv control
      Xbox One will access to cross play with PC, mobile devices and hololens
      Xbox One in the future will connect with Hololens
      Xbox One get monthly updates just like Windows 10 that filled already better features than PS4.
      Xbox One will connect to Internet of Things, e.g. great sincero like HOME AUTOMATION controlling your Windows 10 IoT devices like light, temperature devices.
      Xbox One will have better graphics API than PS4 = DirectX 12
      Xbox One kinect
      Xbox One offer developers better tools and scalablity for easy ports of apps from whole windows 10 platforms, from PC and mobile.
      Xbox One has a universal shell, for 3 OS of the gaming platform and even a UI shell, which you dont even clearly know.
      So your point failed and flawed. Challenge me in a debate. The Xbox One Windows 10 is no cripple version, NOT a slumped down one, its a powerful one, it has the same archeiture as the PC and across all the devices and has many powerful APIs inside with the hardware which PS4 ever dream of getting in software.
      Trust me you dont know what you are talking about. I am a developer by the way already making games for Xbox One and applications and currently developing stuff for windows 10.

    • Mike E. Delta

      your thought process is crippled and we will not say anything mean about it, it is just as valid as able thinking commenters… U-U

  • token420

    I’d like to be in charge of firing any Microsoft execs who think Excel shouldn’t run on the XBox One. Last I checked the CPU is powerful enough.

    • I think the option would be neat, especially if you could cross-display Windows 10 apps through the Xbox One on a TV. Kind of like what the Xbox One Display App already does, only more dynamic.

      Sure most people wouldn’t USE Excel on Xbox One, but it’d be a cool function to have nonetheless! I always like hearing about extra things you can with a console.

    • Also, with Miracast option they just enabled on Xbox One, you can easily stream things like Excel to Xbox One from your Windows Phone or Windows tablet/PC, right?

      • Liberal Desi

        how do i enable miracast on my xbox one? do i have to be part of a beta group for this?

        • It’s currently only available for those in the Preview program, but that means it’s coming to everyone soon.

          • Liberal Desi

            thanks for the info bro!

    • Kaifee Haque

      And WHY would anyone need Excel on the Xbox? They aren’t sold so old people can do their work. And I’m not sure people’s opinions are any excuse for firing.

      • Why not, though?

      • Mike E. Delta

        Well, tbh I feel like the Xbox is Microsoft’s own proprietary console that has a lot of PC components for a tailored experience…with internet browsing available (I can’t wait for the EDGE on Xbox One!!!) who needs to buy a computer? Office Online or any universal apps would negate the need for any extra hardware…That’s why. It doesn’t need to be a power user machine for the common folk =D

    • Craig Thornton

      Yes but would it run at 1080p? Need to keep Neogaf happy…..

  • Rrodd

    Pretty exciting time for xbox one owners. Seems like a complete system upgrade is arriving in 2015 with windows 10and dirextz12

    • XbotMK1

      Yeah, such an exciting time. A new garbage API, a rehashed operating system, 792p, APPs, but no games.

      • Petr Tomkevich

        tell me about those “no games” again, they have the best line-up of the year.

  • Craig Thornton

    I kind of feel MS were forced to release the XBox One early after Sony showed their hand. It just seems it was designed with DX12 and Windows 10 in mind. Can’t wait for the updates!

    • Ben A

      No I dont think they were forced. I believe MS has been developing for this for a while since they started developing Xbox One 5 years ago and they know the road they will eventually end up going though and this is the result, windows 10, one os that rules them all, one code run everywhere, the vision the company wanted since 2010/2011, they eventually close the core gap since 2013, its New Technology kernel from Microsoft.

  • Xbox One FTW!

    • XbotMK1

      Do you have a mental disability?

      • I work in wide self advocacy group for peoples with disabilities. Please do not make fun of the mentally ill.

      • Not nice to make fun of the mentally ill.

  • You can run Excel on Xbox One. Use Internet Explorer and your Office 365 account to edit the spreadsheet in Excel Online. Why would you want to? I have NFI, but you most certainly can do it.

  • kyle bailey

    what will be the requirements to stream?

  • UpTide

    Why is the “thousands” quoted?

  • Fantasm

    Ooops, totally not into Xbox One

  • mich gold

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