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Zotac GeForce GTX 970 AMP! Omega Core Edition Review: Mid-Range Cards Don’t Get Any Better

Detailed look at the hardware

The GM204 used in the GTX 970 has enough grunt to take on AMD’s R9 290X, with the $359 card matching the best that AMD has to offer. While AMD has a slight edge at 4K, the GTX 970 is by far the better card at full-HD and 1440p resolutions, and does so by consuming one-third less power than AMD. It is when it comes to TDP figures that we see the advances Nvidia has achieved with its GeForce 900 series cards. Zotac’s overclocked version of the GTX 970 has a maximum TDP of 151W, which when compared to the 250W of a regular R9 290X gives Nvidia the clear lead in this category.

Another factor in favor of the GTX 970 is that it offers HDMI 2.0 standard, which allows for 4K at 60Hz, with HDMI limited to 30Hz. The inclusion of three DisplayPort ports means that you can connect up to four monitors with ease. The 11.02-inch length means that the card can slot into most gaming-focused enclosures, even those of mini-ITX form factors, without any difficulties.

With Maxwell, Nvidia is targeting the overclocking crowd by providing ample headroom for pushing the clocks higher. There are several avenues available to overclock, with Zotac’s Firestorm offering the easiest alternative. We noticed that we could push the clocks to the 1400MHz range without having to play with the voltages, and unless you’re using a beyond-HD multi-monitor configuration, the card will be able to handle anything you throw at it with ease.