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Myst Returning as TV Show on Hulu

PC gamers of a certain age remember fondly the 1990s genre of point-and-click adventure games. Games such as Myst, Riven, or The Journeyman Project series were multimedia heavy and pushed the limit of the hardware of the day. Now, according to a report by DeadlineMyst will become a miniseries on Hulu with The Amazing Spider-Man and Sinister Six producer Matt Tolmach as well as Divergent writer Evan Daugherty attached.

Myst, the first in the genre, involved a man waking up on an island with no idea where he is or even his identity. The amnesiac adventurer gradually puts together clues to his identity and why he is on this mysterious island by finding clues hidden in books. For its time, Myst was the cutting edge of multimedia gaming. With 256 colors, and full motion video it was a multimedia experience, for the 1990s, bar none. Until The Sims came along in 2002 it was the best selling PC game series of all time.

While the source material might not easily lend itself to a TV series, it will be interesting to see where the creative team goes with the material. It’s not yet known when the series will premiere, or who’s attached to star in it.