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Bloodborne Expansion Is In The Works, Says Sony

Sony (NYSE: SNE) has plans to expand on their wildly popular PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne with a brand new expansion, a company exec has announced.

The news comes right from Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios, who confirmed Bloodborne‘s DLC via Twitter. Yoshida’s Tweet has since been retweeted some 1300 times in the last few hours.

From Software’s macabre masterpiece has proven to be one of the strongest PS4 exclusives of the year, leading to a huge cult following that expanded from the studio’s immortalized sadistic forerunners, Dark Souls and Demon Souls.

Bloodborne has risen past its cult following to become one of the most talked about and acclaimed games of the year, transcending into the realm of mainstream gaming. Just recently it broke over a million copies sold–which is quite surprising for a console exclusive.

Even Sony was surprised over Bloodborne’s thunderous success. The company expected the game to do well, and it did invest quite a bit into the project, but Sony didn’t expect it to explode like it did.

“[Bloodborne’s success] did surprise us,” Sony Computer Entertainment exec Fergal Gara told MCV.

“We had expectations to do well. We looked at the Souls series as a frame of reference, and we thought we could do better than that. We did – and then some. Relative to some of our sister territories, we were being quite ambitious, but even that proved to be conservative.

“I think Bloodborne might have just landed just at the right time; it was a relatively quiet time, it was a very high quality title and a great platform differentiator for us.

“We were caught a little bit behind in terms of the volume, but we were able to chase it and maximise its potential.”

Right now Bloodborne sits comfortably as the highest rated console exclusive of the era, and it might be some time before it’s dethroned.

As for the Bloodborne expansion, Yoshida notes that more info will be released later this year. We might see an announcement at Sony’s E3 2015 conference on Monday, June 15 at 6pm PST, or later on during Gamescom 2015.

Speculations will run rampant and anyone who’s experienced Dark Souls’ expansions knows that From Software has incredible reach when it comes to tapping existing lore for DLC.

Bloodborne is filled to the brim with distinctly dark fantasy lore, and it’ll be interesting to see what Sony and the studio cook up in the coming months.