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Windows 10 on Xbox One Preview Timeline Revealed

According to a key company exec, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) will be rolling out the Windows 10 on Xbox One beta preview sometime after summer.

The news comes straight from Xbox division boss Phil Spencer, who affirmed that Xbox One owners will be able to test out various functions of the new Windows 10 OS “post-summer”.

Although we know it’s coming after summer, no official date has been set for the beta. The Redmond-based tech giant will assuredly unveil more Windows 10 plans during its E3 2015 press conference on Monday, June 15th at 11:30 AM EST.

Like most new console additions and updates, Spencer affirms that Xbox One Preview Program members will get first access to the Windows 10 beta program when it launches.

Windows 10 is set to unlock a host of new impressive features for Microsoft’s all-in-one console while tethering the Xbox One to a unified ecosystem of devices.

Principle features include cross-platform game streaming from the Xbox One to PC’s, which has been described as a “killer app” with “zero lag” at Microsoft’s Build 2015 demo event, and app support to the console via the Microsoft Store.

With a dedicated assortment of “universal apps”–that is apps that are compatible across all Windows 10 devices–the Xbox One will have near limitless potential that could very well transform the console into a workspace asset rather than a machine made for just entertainment.

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Being able to import and edit documents across devices with Smartglass or Windows 10 connectivity would be a huge advantage–but Phil Spencer has warned that gamers won’t see Excel on the Xbox One, and they’ll be adding app support “where it makes sense”.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed exactly which functions and features will be tested in the Windows 10 on Xbox One preview beta, but it’ll likely roll out new features in waves.

Xbox One Preview Program members also get first crack at DirectX 12 on Xbox One, but it’ll be a while before the API is ready for testing.