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Take a Look at Nvidia’s GTX 980 Ti

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Nvidia’s (NASDAQ: NVDA) GeForce GTX 980 Ti has been eagerly anticipated for some time, and all signs indicate a launch in early June.

Videocardz was able to obtain a GTX 980 Ti and post some close up shots which you can see below:





These pictures seem confirm some of the earlier rumors posted earlier about the card. Namely, that it will reuse the the PCB of the GTX-Titan X, sport 6 GB of RAM, and use a 28nm GM 200 core. One thing that earlier rumors got wrong is the CUDA core count. Now it looks like the card will be shipping with 2,816 CUDA cores and 22 SMM units (with 2 being disabled).

As far as power goes, the card has the usual 8 pin and 6 pin adapters. It will be shipping with the same display connectors as the Titan-X.

Most likely, the first we’ll be seeing of this card will be at next week’s Computex in Taipei. Nvidia’s add in partners will likely have cards on the show floor.

  • Scott White


    • Persian Scientist.

      Eh? why is it that? isn’t the 980 Ti similar to the Titan X, whilst having the same TDP of the 780 TI?

  • Judge_Chip

    This performance per watt champion Maxwell will be the biggest bang for your GPU buck, I was debating getting a TitanX but this is what I’ve been waiting for. Partners will be overclocking this beast to 1400 MHz or faster depending on cooling solution. I’m sure there will be water cooled version like the GTX 980 Hybrid from EVGA that will be running at 1620MHz for hours on end without the smallest hiccup, but I and my customers want a air cooled card and do a SLI upgrade when needed. 6GB of memory should be enough to future proof the investment for 4K gaming, it will be good for 4K gaming for years to come.

    • bossssssssssssss

      The Titan X overclocks to 1400 MHZ easily too, even with a reference cooler and stock PCB. You can install a water block and push speeds up to almost 1600 MHZ with the Titan X, on air your max will be around 1420 before you reach thermal limits. The 980ti OR the Titan X will not be good for 4k gaming for years to come. It wont even be good for 4k gaming now. The best realistic set up right now is a Titan X with a 1440p 144hz panel from either Asus or Acer. 4k is still too hard to drive and who wants 60 HZ?

      • Danny mejia

        u sound salty

  • Gmail

    Getting myself two of these GTX 980Ti for SLI and an Acer XB270HU monitor! Hopefully EVGA has Hydro Copper versions available at launch.

  • Danny mejia

    Actually it is 4 k ready dumass