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Computex 2015: 65-core Smartphone Spotted in Intel Press Room

Not happy with your brand new 8-core or 10-core phone? Intel’s got a solution for you then – a 65-core phone!
Mr. Nebojsa Novakovic, VR World's co-founder and publisher caught in a rare moment where he holds the phone next to his ear.

Mr. Nebojsa Novakovic, VR World’s co-founder and publisher caught in a rare moment where he holds the phone next to his ear.

Intel’s (NASDAQ:INTC)  Francois Piednoel passed over the beast to us, and you can see me even making a phone call here. Hey, this thing could handle sixty plus calls at once…

Jokes aside, this is a simple four core Atom phone on which our Intel joker glued the 61-core Xeon Phi package – just for fun.

And, should we say, to show the plain stupidity of trying to make massive multicore phones with more CPU cores than the servers thst feed them, in some cases. What do you need that many cores on a phone for? Send 1000 SMS per second? Or maybe play Warcraft or alike, losing your eyesight on a 5-incher? Laptops and, better, desktops, are really made for that.

  • Duncan Tallon

    These 8+ core phones are plain ridiculous. this MOAR COARS thing needs to stop

  • Theo Valich

    In all honesty, I will laugh my ass off when Intel releases an sexa-core and octa-core SoCs… which should happen sooner or later, and is even happening today, if we would count the GPU clusters as cores. Why not have an 8-core phone if the games that are coming out today can take advantage of them? Why criticize phone manufacturers which put 8-core SoC in them? Because they did not took Qualcomm’s or Intel’s quad- or dual-core SoC, but went on and made chips themselves? Why is Samsung’s 8-core less worthy than a quad-core Snapdragon or Intel Atom?

    But for a while, let’s enjoy in this lovely rubbish spewed out by ‘independent’ analysts, engineers and journos with their attacks on multi-core processors.

    Sadly, these stories will be a good reminder to all of the QCOM/INTC gang once they release their octa-core parts. Oh wait… Snapdragon 808/810 are sexa- and octa-core processors? Say it isn’t so…

  • suraj raptor patel

    tell the jocker, their is a guy who desperately needs one…cos he got big brain, moth3rfaker