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Toys: Star Wars The Force Awakens Tie Fighter

With the highly expected Star Wars The Force Awakens a few months away, we are finally getting our geek inner selves excited. Earlier today at the San Diego Comic Con, the Hasbro toy company has released their first toy for this movie series: a Tie Fighter. This behemoth standing at an incredible 26-inches tall, will make any geek warm inside. In the video below, you will see this amazing piece of movie merchandise standing next to six inch action figures which will give you a good idea how sweet it really is.

It does look great overall, but it also comes with a hefty price tag too – it will set you off $170 when available in shops near you.

Yeah, seems it’s only available for single males. You know, the bachelor apartment filled with Han Solo action figures matched perfectly with model cars and every asorted movie, sports and game trinket available.

For more information about the SDCC make sure to follow i09 and their extremely great coverage. The new Star Wars movie premiers at December 16th and we will definitely be looking forward to it. A full showcase of all the impressive old and new Star Wars games is coming up over the weekend, so make sure not to miss that too!