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Videos: Apple Releases Four New Apple Watch Advertisements

Apple Watch Apple Watch

The four ads, titled Beijing, Berlin, Closer and Goals, all have one thing in common – they showcase how an Apple Watch will help transform your daily lives. From getting directions to making sure where and what to see in different towns and cities, to other potentially interesting social interaction related possibilities. Even the tech savvy individuals will be impressed, specially with some health oriented aspects.

While some have spurned these ads, titling them not to Apple’s standards, we find them interesting. They promote the options of the product rather well, putting things you can do with it in perspective. This might be a reaction to unconfirmed reports that the Watch experienced a 90% drop in sales, as well as search results showing more interest in Apple’s iPod rather than this first generation wearable.

Apple has put a lot of effort, time and knowledge into their first wearable product it seems. From the clean design, to utilizing smart engineering and design solutions like making the watch’s crown a utility tool for managing the gadget’s functions, they have seemingly done it all the right way. On the other hand, it seems that the Cuppertino based tech giant wants to further introduce the watch’s features to potential would-be owners.

For those of you that don’t own this amazing, yet controversial piece of hardware, check out the videos down below.