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Tim Cook denies Apple Watch Sales Collaps

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According to Apple Insider, it seems that Tim Cook denied any rumors that Watch sales have collapsed recently. The information was revealed towards the end of Apple’s quarterly conference call for the third quarter of 2015. In this event, Tim Cook seemed eager to avoid any questions in regards to Apple Watch sales and deliveries, thus further fueling debate on the market success for their latest gadget overall.

He also revealed Apple Watch sales in June were higher than April or May, an impressive statistic considering overwhelming launch day demand. On the other hand, Apple decided to include Apple Watch among ‘Other’ products in their analytical report, proving their desire to further ‘hide’ its sales numbers and delivers as well. In a nutshell it seems Apple Watch isn’t doing that bad overall, but at the same it isn’t providing the amazing success that other Apple products provide. Particularly the likes of Apple iPhone or Macbook – both recently revamped, refreshed and updated with new features and design.

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It is worth adding that Market Watch had a report showcasing Apple Watch sales down 90 percent, providing more artillery for the naysayers worldwide. It is simply remarkable how various sources have claimed such different results, specially the ‘independent news sources’ with the various info put out in recent weeks. But in other words, the reports and press releases from Apple themselves didn’t serve to nullify those reports either.

Apple’s inclusion of iPod, Apple TV, Beats hardware, peripherals like monitor, keyboard and mouse may be indicative of the category of products Watch has been placed in right now. All of the items here are somewhat on their decline with the latter part being steady throughout the years, so the inclusion of the brand new gadget – specially in terms of marketing and touting every success by Apple in other situations – may seem like a nice way of hiding actual numbers – and still showing them in a different perspective.

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Overall Apple seems satisfied with Watch sales, which according to Tim Cook have exceeded their expectations. They are also curbing the effect of dwindling iPod and other lingering product sales. But overall, whether the Apple Watch is viewed as a success or a flop – remains to be seen later on.

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