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Fossil, Michael Kors to Enter Wearable Market with Intel

While various watchmakers are considering entering the Android wearable market, two of them (finally) revealed their plans today. Fossil and Michael Kors will enter the wearable market, all combined with Intel as the company providing them with processing power. During the IDF (Intel Developer Forum) keynote, the fashion brands revealed what they call the “connected accessories” product group and lineup. Yes, are all powered by the tech-giant Intel. This could well mean some newly found success on the wearable market for Google-powered products, as we have yet to see something spectacular in that area.

From what we found out earlier today, the three wearable devices are a connected bracelet, something we’ve seen from other manufacturers already, then a connected watch and a smartwatch, both rocking Android Wear operating system. While the two companies are behemoths in the fashion brand world, they are new to the high-tech gadget game. While Intel’s backing should mean a high-quality, fast and reliable product, we have yet to see any of these in action.


Neither Fossil nor Michael Kors have been very forthcoming with specs and features as of yet. But from the devices showcased at the Intel Developer Forum earlier today, plenty of flash and flashy design cues should be seen alongside gold (everybody who knows Michael Kors could of expected it) combined with the usual leather and metal used as well. For many the design is just part of the story with smart wearable devices on the market today. The sheer expectation of utility, speed and general friendly use is the make or break for these products, not just the simple it looks good mentality, all used on analogue devices seen so far. We’ll keep you posted with more news about Android Wear later as well.