Airbnb Teams Up With Tesla Motors

Airbnb and Tesla are bringing charging stations to select homes across the globe, starting with the California coast. This marks the next step for utilization of Tesla vehicles, allowing their owners to perfectly cater to the electric car ownership base through additions of chargers in their homes. This thus allows owners to plan their trips and charge their vehicles, just as same as wanting WiFi or a washing machine in their host’s house and accommodations this way.


For many, this will be the next step in eco-friendly traveling and motoring, specially when the service catches on in for example European destinations. While the service is only beginning to be deployed we have no reserve it will yield in plenty of places hitting the upper-middle class that usually Tesla owners belong within. Just imagine, your host pays quite a lot of attention to sustainability, they have renewable electricity sources and allow you to charge and drive your car completely Co2 free. Isn’t that just amazing!