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Jack Dorsey Returns As CEO Of Twitter

Jack Dorsey, one of the Twitter co-founders, is taking back the reigns of the company. Jack’s return as CEO was announced yesterday morning, as the quest to find a suitable company executive after their rocky summer seems to finally be over. While this may come as a surprise for some, Dorsey was actually the acting CEO ever since then-chief Dick Costolo stepped down from the position this summer. This announcement will certainly make Twitter investors and fans alike, rather happy.

“I’ve been CEO of both companies for over 3 months now. I have the smartest, strongest, and most determined leaders in the world on my teams,” Dorsey tweeted, talking about Twitter and Square.

Dorsey will now spearhead both Twitter and Square. This means that he’ll have heaps of responsibilities and a rather filled schedule, but we’re positive this change will have a good and impacting effect on both companies. Square is a mobile service payment. It allows almost anyone to utilize credit card payments through their services. Both companies are pending a major board shakeup. This came from Dorsey as he quietly announced this infor during his CEO message, adding another layer of change to the social media juggernaut as well.

“We’re working hard at Twitter to focus our roadmap on a few things we can make really great. And we’re strengthening our team along the way,” Dorsey wrote on Twitter. “Our work forward is to make Twitter easy to understand by anyone in the world, and give more utility to the people who love to use it daily!”

Twitter aims for growth. That’s their bottom line. The social media network has been stagnant lately, thus producing unfavorable results for their investors/owners. In the future, the return of one of the company’s founders will undoubtedly have an impact. How big of one, that remains to be seen, as Twitter certainly needs to buck up and put their game face on – if they want to stay alive with Facebook, Pinterest and other social media networks swinging hard right now.