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Report: Microsoft Shot Itself In The Leg With AT&T Only Lumia 950 Release

If you want to impede any chances/progress for your issue ridden mobile division, you should not follow the path Microsoft have taken. They are making their new and promising model, Microsoft Lumia 950, an exclusive item to AT&T and their customer base. This didn’t really go off well in the mobile world, to say the least. Currently the company has a low single-digit global market share, something they’ve been trying to ramp up lately. In regards to this, some may think that the company would be begging carriers to sell their newest addition. Unfortunately that’s not the path that the Redmond based giant took.

The Microsoft Lumia 950 release surely got people thinking. But Microsoft announcing AT&T as the only carrier – that’s where things don’t really work out for them. Today, John Legere, the T-Mobile CEO, tore Microsoft a new one on Twitter, complaining about the whole issue. Customers will be able to purchase the phone off-contract, unlocked, from Microsoft’s store, but that’s a completely different ballgame alltogether.

In all, it is hard not to sympathize with Legere on this issue. The fact remains; Microsoft shot themselves in the leg with this one. How will it affect sales, that’s another story. In reality, moves like these seem dumbfounded, rather rash and overall, unthinkable to anyone outside of the company. On the other hand, Microsoft hit a homerun with the Lumia 950 and it remains to be seen how will this decision affect overall sales.

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