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VIDEO: Elon Musk Speech at the Climate Conference in Paris

Elon Musk. Photo Credit: Business Insider

Elon Musk, serial entrepreneur and hands-on executive for his disruptive businesses, Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Solar City gave a short, but sweet speech during the 21st Climate Change conference, which takes place in Paris, France.

There’s no denying that humans are impacting the environment, but even if that could be argued, one cannot argue that we as a society have to become more efficient. Just as tractors replaced horses and oxes in the fields, and those replaced human labor, we need to look beyond the tractor to increase efficiency and consequentially, productivity of the said piece of land.

Instead of giving you a long article filled with repeats of what was said, we would rather invite you to click play on the videos we’re linking here and reach the conclusion yourselves, and discuss in our comments.

Following his speech, the floor was opened for questioning, and the QA session lasted longer than the speech. You can watch the 38 minute Q&A session here:

  • Jeremiah Whitney

    Climate change is real but its not from c02. Any aking time to drill down into the rhetoric and false science you will find one common thread. That is the comments concerning polysorbate 80 U.N. Vaccine and the Georgia Guide stones Which the US Gov. refused to remove and monitors 24 hours a day.