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Make your home Internet look like your home with OnHub

Chances are, somewhere in your home, there‘s a tangled mess of wires and blinking lights that make your Wi-Fi work. Your router likely isn’t the most sightly thing, and you probably hide it behind a curtain or under a bookcase—out of sight. Same as we all do honestly.

Turns out, that’s a bit of a problem, since routers work better when they’re out in the open. A few months back, Google released the first OnHub router from TP-LINK. It replaces the unruly cords, blinking lights, and bulky antennas of a typical router with subtle lighting and internal wiring, so you’re more likely to put OnHub out where it works best.

Today Google is introducing more ways to make your OnHub look great in your home with three new, interchangeable shells for the OnHub from TP-LINK, as well as OnHub Makers, a gallery of shells designed by artists, designers, and makers. A true goodie factor for all design aspirating IT people, giving you the option of really customizing the looks, thus giving you an interesting cloak for your usually unrealistically awfully designed network apparatus. Simply put, with the Google OnHub there is really no need to hide your router anymore.