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Vuzix Launches New AR and VR Products

Vuzix iWear Virtual Reality Glasses run Android 5.0

While there is a lot of focus on companies that are announcing their VR and AR products, the realities are that those ‘loud’ announcements serve to hide the fact that those companies are not shipping. On the other hand, there are companies such as Vuzix Corporation, which ship AR/VR products for years now – just not in the limelight.

“Augmented and Virtual Reality are no longer concepts from science fiction movies, and we are at the forefront of bringing that technology to the world,” says Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix. “Our award-winning lineup of AR/VR solutions and patented technologies reflect our extensive experience and unmatched experience in the field. Our latest M300 and M3000 Smart Glasses take enterprise wearable computing into the next generation.”

Vuzix ships AR and VR products for defense and industrial markets, and had numerous attempts at consumer products, with mixed results. For CES 2016, Vuzix is demonstrating a shipping product, iWear Wireless Video Headphones and two new products. Personally, I would say that Vuzix ‘missed the boat’ with naming, since iWear is a Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display (HMD). VRWear or iWear VR would be more consumer friendly name, but that shows company’s inexperience in the consumer field – or just a wrong branding agency. Be that as it may, iWear Wireless Video Headphones run Android 5.0 operating system and serve games, apps, 2D, 3D and VR movies and many more.

Second and third products, as announced by the CEO – are closer to the core. B3000 is the name for several Augmented Reality products, including VidWear B3000 Waveguide Sunglasses, B3000 Wireless Smart Glasses and B3000 HDMI-based video viewer. As you can imagine, this is all about AR experience for consumers.

M3000 Monocular Waveguide Smart Glasses are next-gen AR glasses that ‘bring the next-generation waveguide-based wearable eyevear for the enterprise sector.’ This product targets industrial users, from datacenter administrators to architects and builders on the field.