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Developers Says PlayStation VR is The Best

Sony PlayStation VR

WCCFTech recently spoke with developer Alfonso del Cerro, the founder of Pentadimensional Games, in a short interview about creating the upcoming first-person superhero game, Megaton Rainfall. This will be one of the first titles on Sony’s highly-anticipated PlayStation VR headset and is also slated to arrive on the PC. He said Sony first showed interest in the game when the company played it last year at GDC 2015.

“They were looking for projects for PSVR and I was showcasing MR at the Indie Megabooth,” he told the site. “Since then, they have been very friendly, they helped us with the visibility, showing the game in videos, their blog, and events like PlayStation Experience and next week at GDC 2016. They even offered an exclusivity deal so I’m happy with them. And of course being one of the first games for PlayStation VR will give the game a lot more visibility.”

He goes on to say that PlayStaton VR will likely sell millions, especially in his country of origin Spain where most residents own a PlayStation 4 rather than a high-end PC that’ ready for VR. He said the PlayStation VR surprised him with its reprojection feature, which generates 120 frames per second while also keeping track of the user’s head movement – even when the game fails to achieve 60 frames per second. For the end-user, this means no jittering, he said.

“You can play Megaton Rainfall for 1 hour and won’t see any frame out of sync. I can’t say the same for the VR experiences on my PC. Megaton Rainfall will work at 60 fps in PSVR (120 with reprojection),” he added.

As for supporting VR on the PC, he couldn’t say what headset will be compatible with Megaton Rainfall due to his contract with Sony. However, he hinted that the studio would love to support both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

Sony first made PlayStation VR public, formerly called Project Morpheus, during GDC 2014. There’s now talk that the company will finally release pricing and a launch date during a special VR-focused event taking place next week at GDC 2016. Invitations to the special showing are heading out to the press now, and is scheduled for March 15.

Sony is expected to launch PlayStation VR in the fall for a price that’s similar to a new console. As a comparison, the upcoming HTC Vive, which requires a high-end PC, will cost $800 whereas the upcoming Oculus Rift (another PC-based headset) will cost a cheaper $600. However, keep in mind that the PlayStation VR specs aren’t quite as high-end as its PC-based competitors.

Just recently, Sony revealed that the PlayStation VR headset is not meant to be used by people under the age of 12. This limitation was revealed in the PlayStation 4 3.50 update beta notes, and doesn’t specify as to why there is an age restriction. Content is probably one of the factors as well as the fact that the headset may not fit on the heads of most children under 12.

Sony’s release notes also warns that the headset may produce “motion sickness, nausea, disorientation, blurred vision or other discomfort,” another good reason to restrict its use to older players.