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Twitter Celebrates a Decade – 10 Year Anniversary

On March 21st, 2006, work started on the project ‘twttr’. Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams worked on Odeo podcast at the time, and started toying with the idea of creating a multi-user SMS service, which then evolved into a social media used by several hundred million users.

The very first post on then ‘Twttr’ came from Jack Dorsey (@jack), simply stating:

1st post on Twttr service.

It took more than a year for the team to grab the domain name, which then became the default URL ( today redirects to Twitter). On July 11th, 2007, came to life. Thus, Twitter/Twttr have two birthdays and regardless of the date you like the most, the strength of the media that came into mainstream with the appearance of WikiLeaks, which used a mix of traditional journalists and Twitter to get the word out. Citizen journalism then exploded with protests in Iran in 2009, Arabian Spring and many other. Twitter really took off with the live coverage of earthquakes, and became an invaluable resource for the mainstream audience.

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