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Tune in to Nvidia Pascal Livestream on May 6th, 6PM Pacific

Nvidia Pascal Editor’s Day is taking shape as select group of press, analysts and gaming VIPs are flying to Austin, the capitol of Texas, and then being driven to a W Hotel where the festivities will take place.

We already know that Electronic Arts will reveal next installation of Battlefield franchise at 1PM Pacific, 10PM Central European Time while we can now deliver the news that the public part of Pascal Editor’s Day will take place at 6PM Pacific, Midnight Zulu i.e. GMT, and 2AM in Europe. Conveniently for Asian markets, the stream will take place in the morning hours on Saturday, i.e. weekend. Previous launches almost always forgot about Asia and would hit the ‘dead of the night’ hours, but no more. This time, it was Europe that got shorted, as GeForce GTX cards being revealed are expected to make the biggest impact on Asian markets.

Be that as it may, you can follow livestream exclusively on

Nvidia Pascal livestream will be show exclusively on Twitch.Tv

This is what is known about the entry-level and mainstream-level Pascal cards so far.