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See the Tesla Model S, 3, X Cars from Above

When Motor Trend gained permission to create a photo session with the Model 3, the crew went to the site of future GIGAFACTORY 1, world’s largest battery manufacturing facility. The video we’re linking to contains a lot of details about the battery facility and the cars themselves, but this picture caught our attention as it demonstrates the difference in size between the three models:

Tesla Motors cars side by side: 2018 Model 3 on the bottom, 2016 Model S and 2016 Model X on top

Tesla Model S is the base for size comparison: 4.97 meters long, 1.96 meters wide, and 1.44 meters tall (196″ x 77″ x 57″). Model X is 5.03 meters long, 2.00 meters wide and 1.68 meters tall (198″ x 79″ x 66″). On the other hand, the manufacturer did not finalize the external dimensions of Model 3 as they are “subject to change.” That was the best we could get from the PR team – but you can see it looks like somebody put Model S in a washing machine and set the water to ‘boiling hot’.

What we could guestimate using Paint Shop Pro X8 is 4.55-60 meters long, just a bit shorter than a 2016 BMW 3 Series. Width is approximately 1.90 meters, not too much narrower than the Model S. Height is roughly between the Model S and Model 3, we’d estimate around 1.50 meters (181″ x 75″ x 59″).

Glass roof looks amazing, though. Here are some pictures from the launch, courtesy of Christian and Manuel, our friends from ECar-Rent from Graz, Austria: