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Sony CEO Confirms High-End PlayStation Console for VR

Ever since we revealed the specifications of new PlayStation Neo console, rumors were about when SONY will pull the trigger and introduce the console. Our sources told us that the time of introduction is Tokyo Game Show – scheduled for September 15-17, 2016. As such, we’re afraid that the next week’s E3 will pass with perhaps just a teaser for the new console – or will be the biggest (silent) elephant in the room.

In an interview with Financial Times, Andrew House, President and Global Chief Executive Offices at Sony Interactive Entertainment said that the high-end PlayStation 4 “Is intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4, We will be selling both [versions] through the life cycle.” Codenamed “Neo”, new PlayStation console targets “hardcore gamers, as well as consumers with a 4K television set looking for more high-resolution content.”

New console will bring not just new levels of performance thanks to AMD’s switch to 14nm FinFET process, enabling the company to deliver a “Zen Lite” CPU and fully fledged Polaris 10 GPU inside a single package a.k.a. APU. Price is not disclosed, but it is expected to be “higher than $350”. Our sources are telling us Sony will be gunning for $999 price tag in a PlayStation Neo with PlayStation VR bundle, i.e. game console and Sony’s head-mounted device. Given that PlayStation VR alone is $399, that would put the console somewhere in the $599 range.

Hardware specifications as per our exclusive story are as follows:

  • AMD custom built silicon
  • GlobalFoundries 14nm FinFET
  • 8 ‘ZEN Lite’ Cores
  • 2304 Polaris 10 GPU Cores
  • Enhanced Memory controller for APU
  • 512 MB System RAM
  • 8GB GDDR5 in double density configuration (4 instead of 8 chips)

Thus, we expect to see SONY riding high on VR games for PlayStation VR during E3, and then launch a new hardware platform to counter a rumored next-gen console from Nintendo.


  • Eddie Battikha

    55 inch 4K HDR TV and new PlayStation here I come.

  • If Neo is $599 then it will flop. I doubt it will be though. Sony already admitted that selling the PS3 at that price initially was a bad idea, so I don’t think they would do it again. Also, you are forgetting the the bundle would include PlayStation Camera since PSVR needs that. There will likely also be Move in the bundle because while a DualShock 4 could be used, Move is optimal for PSVR. That would bring the console closer to $399 or $449, which is much more likely to succeed.

    • LordX

      PS4K + Camera + VR + MOVE , full bundle for about $800USD = shut up and take my money!

      • Don’t know about $800 for the lot since Neo will probably cost somewhere between US$400-500 and the VR is also $400. Not unless it is a holiday promotion rather than the regular price. But S900-1,000 (depending on Neo’s price) for the regular price I could see happening.

        • LordX

          VR now cost $400 because it need external GPU box , NEO will not need it at all , so will cost like a HALF in bundle with NEO.

          • It is *not* a GPU box. Sony said it does NOT do any processing work that a CPU or GPU does. They said it simply handles ensuring the game is displayed on both TV and the VR device without either image being warped, and processes audio.

          • In fact PS3 does not have an ports fast enough to support an external GPU.

  • TheDizz

    Your older article on this with 911Mhz for core clocks is likely too low, it should be above 1Ghz. Now with Scorpio being teased as a 6TFlop SoC part I can see Sony relaxing the pesky wattage controls and going metal to the pedal, revising their industrial design for the console to accommodate better power delivery and heat dissipation. There is also the possibility 911Mhz core clock was a cleverly planted disinfo from Sony to see if MS blinks and reveals some marketing numbers, which they have.

    • LordX

      looks like a rumors about PS4K to be 4.14TFLOPS is a lie, Polaris 10 = RX480 is 5.5TFLOPS without overclocking , it can be overclocked upto 1.5Ghz! this will be maxed on about 7TFLOPS.
      about Scorpio, 6FTLOPS ? when looks like it will use VEGA GPU , huh , VEGA is almost 10TFLOPS with HBM2 memory, this is real deal.

      • TheDizz

        Scorpio won’t use HBM of any gen because MS’s own render video showed an SOC with a 384bit bus going out to normal GDDR5 RAMs. But yeah the 911mhz clock looks puny when most reports talk about 1266mhz GPU running at ~100W Typical Board Power (TBP). 911mhz doesn’t automatically make the earlier report false though as that might have been what the engineering samples had running at the time.

        • LordX

          I just think all specs they give us is a lie. VEGA+HBM2 = winner

          • TheDizz

            Could be I don’t know but I also realize they put in some effort to make that render video. If that was a ruse then a very good one by MS. At 384bit bus with 8Gbps GDDR5 VRAMs at 1GB per chip you get 384GB/sec bandwidth, it does conform to their claim of over 320GB/sec bandwidth. Cost is a big thing for consoles no natter how great its power is if it isn’t priced right then might as well build a PC with that sort of money so I don’t think HBM on consoles will be seen in the next generation of refreshers for 4K and VR gaming.

          • LordX

            about HBM maybe, but it will be mistake to make Scorpio on Polaris architecture, and for Sony it is too late to change anything.

          • TheDizz

            Yeah it definitely is based on Polaris. The GCN4 IP was done a long while ago.