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Dlodlo Glass H1 3D Headset review

Shenzhen has always been a hotbed for peak hardware development. Both Intel and Microsoft have hundreds of engineers in their R&D centers located around the city, while there are over 150 VR headset manufacturers (data from Shenzhen City Government). The city will be the host of Microsoft’s WinHEC Conference in December. Still, majority of volume is expected to come from local players which have their path. Similar to other giants in the area, Dlodlo is a fast rising VR manufacturer with a rapid release schedule of different headsets. One such headset visited our offices.

We recently got our hands on the new Dlodlo Glass H1 3D VR Headset. We got this headset on review from etailer Gearbest, and at seventy bucks, we expected an entry-level quality product. Even though it is very cheap, the first thing that impressed me was packing. H1 3D VR headset was packed like some of high end hardware. The build quality was solid, and the weight of the headset is also just right. Dlodlo Glass H1 3D VR Headset comes in black color, and it’s made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). It features connection interface via micro USB, and is compatible with 5.0 to 6.0 inch Google Android smartphones. The package also contains English manual, written in proper English. The headset weights 0.340 kg and combining it with a smartphone will bring the weight to the level of GearVR – it should not give you any neck pain. Headset comes with impressive optics (on paper), feautring 100-120 degree Field Of View, 9-axis and a proximity sensor. It also features adjustable focal length and automatically adjustable pupil distance. It also have a power button, touch-pad, and volume adjustment.


What I really liked about this product is a soft foam padding, very well padded head straps top and main, adjustable focus distance and some wide lenses, it seems to tick all the boxes. You also notice the pouch panel, volume adjustments and back button.

Sadly, it seems the touch panel and all the buttons don’t seem to work unless you are using the Dlodlo app – a real shame. Real test for the headset will come once Google releases its Daydream VR platform. It is expected that the number of incompatible headsets will be in triple digits. In order to prevent this, Dlodlo told us that their engineers are working on Daydream support, no matter what Daydream-compatible smartphone are you using. We’re not certain at this claim, and you can be sure we’ll check it out.

Sadly, the bad news do not stop there. Impressive on paper, lenses are also not as good quality as you might think. The pricing on this headset is set around $70, and if you want to try it yourself you can get it here.